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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Portsmouth, NH


Clogged Pipes?

Avoid costly mistakes... hire an experienced technician!

A Sewer Service is a fully insured sewer and drain cleaning company offering a wide range of services and expert advice. Here are some of the services we offer:

High pressure water jetting for a thorough cleaning of sewer, septic and larger drain pipes. Also used to thaw frozen drain lines.
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
MECHANICAL POWER SNAKING for tree root removal and unclogging sewer, septic and smaller drain pipes such as sink, shower and tub lines

VIDEO PIPE INSPECTION to locate problems and record the condition of pipes - indoors or underground

ELECTRONIC PIPE AND TANK LOCATING to pinpoint a location for pumping or repairs and save digging costs

MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS designed to help prevent emergencies and save money

TROUBLESHOOTING with the experience and equipment to solve problems
We guarantee to get the job done right the first time and will work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied. Call us today for a free estimate and let us show you the A Sewer Service difference!